Welcome to Refill and 2018.

We pride ourselves on offering a full catering experience for our clients. We will deliver an exquisite catering experience without the thought of it being overwhelming for you. Our team is fully equipped to take on any catering request large or small. We have been catering for many years and can walk you through the process, whether it be family birthday, dinner party, corporate event or wedding we offer a full service with staffing and equipment.

We are happy to make up custom menus to suit your particular likes or budget and we offer a ‘no obligation’ service. If you would like to discuss an upcoming event, contact our team by email.

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Welcome to Refill

We are situated in Brixton, serving food 24 hours a day. Our takeaway is where you can choose from a huge selection of traditional meals like Curry goat, Jerk chicken, rice and peas, dumplings and patties, you also have a nice variety of West Indian influenced meals with a twist...

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