Welcome to REfill

R We are situated in Brixton, serving food 24 hours a day. Our takeaway is where you can choose from a huge selection of traditional meals like Curry goat, Jerk chicken, rice and peas, dumplings and patties, you also have a nice variety of West Indian influenced meals with a twist, for example peel peel prawns, stir fried noodles and chilly garlic wings.
We also specialise in catering - preparing Caribbean food at its most succulent to provide for the needs of your guests or clients.

  • Company Mission
    Our mission is to supply great-tasting, high-quality food at affordable prices whilst supporting our community. Good food is the cornerstone to the Refill brand, and we are proud to say our customers keep coming back!
  • Our Philiosophy
    For us, this means maintaining a healthy and balanced menu using food from quality local suppliers. Investing back into our community is important to us.
  • Our Promise
    Our promise to our customers is that we will maintain quality standards, using fresh foods and beverages. We are proud to offer catering services and keep the vein of quality standards running through our brand.
  • Open 24/7
    We take pride in knowing our customers can enjoy our great food 24 hours a days, 7 days a week.